Bjorgulfsson/Pimmon/Thorsson – Still important somekind not normally seen

Microtonal composers Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Helgi Thorsson (both of Stilluppsteypa) and Pimmon performed at the Melkfabriek in Den Bosch and recorded this CD, which is their live set. The sound got edited by Robert Hampson (Main).

The CD contains a mix between microtonal noise, clicks and drones, and sporadic electronic beats. This combination works really well and can be compared to some of the releases on Raster Noton or Mille Plateaux/Ritornell, although this is far more experimental. The style and atmosphere are quite weird, but also very interesting to listen to.

artist: Bjorgulfsson/Pimmon/Thorsson
label: Cr?nica
details: Cronica 014-2004