Black Lung – The Grand Chessboard

David Thrussell always puts politics into his music. This time the cover is filled with quotes from Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And It’s Geostrategic Imperatives, on which the Americans based their ‘divide and rule’ strategy. However, in the music there are no references to these quotes (except for the song titles).

The Grand Chessboard is an instrumental album, which is very much rhythmic orientated. Most tracks are dance tunes, a-typical dance tunes, but still dance tunes.
‘The Zone Of Percolating Violence’ and ‘The Multiple Contest’, for example, could do very well on a wide range of dancefloors, from elektro to industrial. Although many tracks have a dance feeling, the tracks have many layers which makes this album also a very interesting listening experience. Thus ‘Despotic Heroic Diversion’ could have been a classic rave track if it wasn’t for the freaky sounds and rhythms.

There are also hints of ambient on The Grand Chessboard. ‘Neither Dominion Nor Exclusion’ and ‘Grandeur And Redemption’ are ambient orientated tracks. Hectic and distorted rhythms are placed on top of the tranquil sounds, just to keep your attention.

This new Black Lung album is an excellent piece of cutting edge electronic music. Recommended to fans of almost all electronic music genres.

artist: Black Lung
label: Ant-Zen
details: 10 tracks, [ACT164]