Blasterkorps – La Justice Des Hommes Chapitre I / II

Blasterkorps is a strange and mysterious project from France. Their music is a cross-over between industrial noise and minimal elektro. The project involves members from Dernière Volonté, I-C-K and Krom-Y.

The music is extremely minimal and dark. Harsh repetitive rhythms, some weird sounds and screaming are the elements around which the tracks are built. Some of the tracks are a bit reminiscent of the older work of Haus Arfana. Fans of power electronics, industrial and noise will like these releases for sure. But also fans of minimal elektro in the Invasion Planète style will probably find these recordings appealing.

Both the 7” and the 10” are on stylish grey vinyl. They have identical artwork and are both limited to 300 copies. So, only for the true hardcore fans of European dark electronics.

artist: Blasterkorps
label: La Nouvelle Alliance
details: 7” / 10”, 4 / 6 tracks