Blood Ov Thee Christ – Master Control

‘Master Control’ was first released as a tape way back in 1988 (how old were you then?) It has now (2005) been re-released by the Stockholm, Sweden label Segerhuva. Thankfully so too, the tape was difficult to find back then, and through this reissue a valuable piece in the history of experimental industrial has been saved.

‘Master Control’ is far from history, however. Listening to ‘Master Control’ today I hear the foundations of experimental industrial-noise. Severe frequencies, insane distortion, menacing vocals, unpredictability; these are all here. Today, these are the backbone of power electronics and harsh industrial. It’s hard to say if trends in art and music go in cycles or if some people are just way ahead of the curve. I would guess the second of these in the case of Blood Ov Thee Christ.

Don’t expect a finely polished gem with this album though. ‘Master Control’ is rough around the edges, and everywhere else in-between. Tracks evolve over time, and are not structured in any patterned way, the opening track spans over 45 minutes. If you aren’t fearful of extremes in noise along the lines of Government Alpha or IRM, then ‘Master Control’ should be to your liking.

artist: Blood ov thee Christ
label: Segerhuva
details: 4 tracks, 66 mins 2005 [Seger 11]