Bloody Mary – Blood ’n Roll

A new label, specifically set up to give better deals for young bands in the metal scene. An independent label that wants to spread metal to the world, set up by Paul Beavis and Tim Fraser (former manager of Christian Death and Theatres Des Vampires). They were later joined by Dave Pybus (formerly working for Peaceville, but better known as ex-axeman with Cradle Of Filth).

Where they had already signed their first bands in 2004, 2005 sees their first releases. One of them being “Blood ‘n Roll” by the Italian band Bloody Mary. The information that was send out to me, mentions them as a goth-rock band, but to be honest, I don’t hear any of this. I do see though, how they leave a gothic image through the booklet that comes with the cd. But this looks more like a gimmick, as both the bandname and album title seem to be gimmicky in nature.

What the five men of Bloody Marry have made is a metal-album with some melodic influences. Not bad, as far as I can judge with my limited knowledge of metal-music. Still not really that interesting either, I can’t say I hear much that really keeps me listening with great interest. Then again there isn’t anything that really makes me run to the on/off button on my stereo either.

Where I’m not the right person to give a big opinion on metal-albums I better take this space to praise the effort of Six Six Six to give young bands a change. A good initiative indeed, now hope they will find their way in the land of the metal-fans.

artist: Bloody Mary
label: Six Six Six Records
details: 2005, 10 tracks