Blue Birds Refuse To Fly – Anapteroma

After an obsolete intro with “heavenly” female voices, this album opens with a track that tricks the listener into believing it’s an old-style darkwave album that is spinning. It isn’t until the next track ‘Lacrimasa Di Balena II – The Revenge’ that the listener hears the futurepop that fills most of the album.

The Greeks of Blue Birds Refuse To Fly have changed their line-up quite radically since their debut-album and with this change comes a change in music as well. This album is far more dance-oriented and the new singer George Dedes (Illusion Fades) knows how to put emotion into every song, thus creating a great album.

The album contains loads of tracks that are directly fit to be played on a dance-floor, for crowds to enjoy a lot for sure. Still the album has enough variety to keep the listener at home enjoying the album for the 55 minutes of the first 12 tracks. The last track, the titletrack, however is a complete break from the rest of this album. It is a track that reminds of Greece, more folkmusic like, a good track of itself, it just shouldn’t be on this furthermore very good album.

artist: Blue Birds Refuse To Fly
label: Decadance Records
details: 2004, 13 tracks