Blut & Feuer – Fimbulvetr

Blut & Feuer is a new German neo-folk band, whose cd(r) is released by the people of Ring-Tor, who are also responsible for Aurum Nostrum. This rather short album contains 10 acoustic tracks, with German lyrics, including three pieces by Charles Baudelaire. It is mostly a solo project of Mario M. supported by Daniel O. and Kathlen R. The album title is rather mysterious for me, perhaps it has something to do with runes, in which the band is rather interested, they also use a rune in their bandlogo.

The instrumentarium of Blut & Feuer consists mainly of acoustic guitar and violin, but there are also some synthesizer parts. The musical style can be described as romantic dark folk. My favourite track is Kain & Abel, with a nice part at the end, which could have lasted a bit longer to my taste… Though the songs could use some more variation and the singing is a bit flat, this act shows potential, so I’m curious for further releases…

artist: Blut & Feuer
label: Ring-Tor
details: 10 tracks