Blutharsch, Der & Novy Svet – Cafe Mentone

Today I bought a a fine split single of these two illustrious projects from Austria. As always a limited release, which soon will be collectable. The nice photo on the cover shows a ‘Kaffee-Konditorei’, which directly brings you in the right mood. Vienna, here I come, and pour me an espresso please… This single is an homage to Albin Julius`s and Juergen Weber`s favourite coffeehouse in Vienna.

I find this split single on nice thick vinyl highly enjoyable, actually it is quite feel-good music. It has to be played at 33 rpm, which I learnt by trial and error. The track by Der Blutharsch is of course untitled, while Novy Svet offers a song entitled ‘senso e sexo’. As usual Novy Svet demonstrate their unique style, strange muzak with a relaxed and irrestible atmosphere. The male vocals sound begging and pasionate, accompanied by not much more than a swirling accordeon and some dissonant sounds in the background, which seems to get more improvised, as the evening in the cafe gets later and later. The song is closed by a piece of nostalgic chanson with female vocals, which makes the time stand still.

A simple melody that goes round and round, acoustic guitars, a low horn sound, male humming and sparse percussion from the moody elements of the Der Blutharsch track, reminding me of old Italian movies and Morricione. After a while a strong demanding female voice joins, reminding closely of The Moon Lay Hidden… Before you know the song is over and you feel the need to play it again and again.
Waiter, pour me another coffee please…

artist: Blutharsch, Der & Novy Svet
label: Hau Ruck!
details: 2 tracks, limited to 600 copies. WKN18