Blutharsch, Der – Speech of truth will be eternal

A compilation with some of the best tracks from Der Blutharsch, especially for the Israelian market. It was released on occasion of a Blutharsch concert in Tel Aviv. This performance was cancelled after protests against this as always controversial Austrian band, the organisators hope nevertheless to schedule a future concert, perhaps in line of the albumtitle Speech of truth will be eternal.

The cd comes in a simple but elegant digipack, with a robust looking sculpure on the front but without (as usual) much information. Noteworthy are the few sentences in Hebrew and the fact that the digipack opens on the left side. The cd itself is a good example of the work of Der Blutharsch: a mixture of atmospheric soundscapes with many samples and martial bombastic marching pieces.

You will find a selection of untitled tracks from the various Der Blutharsch studio albums, from Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens heil till ‘In the Hands of the master’ from Time is thee enemy. Nothing new here for fans of Der Blutharsch, but many of them are fanatic collectors so they probably want this item for their collection. For others this compilation is a good introduction to Der Blutharsch. According to the label this release is now deleted, but you will find it in various mailorder catalogues.

artist: Blutharsch, Der
label: Topheth Prophet
details: 13 tracks, 46 min, 2004