Blutharsch, Der – The moment of truth

A reissue of older, out-of-print material in an impressive looking digipack. As a bonus you’ll also receive a funny 3″ mcd. In other words, a release not to be missed by Der Blutharsch fans.

That is, if you don’t possess the original limited releases: the mcd ‘Der Gott der Eisen wachsen liess’, the 10″ ‘The moment of truth’and the 7″ ‘Thank you’. Otherwise you won’t be disappointed by this material, because it sounds typical like Der Blutharsch: a mixture of dark sample collage soundscapes, bombastic martial stuff with heavy drums and orchestral sounds and peculiar folkloristic elements. The sound is rather raw, the mood as always militant.

The variety is one of the attractive features of this release. Furthermore there are some strong (as always untitled) tracks present, which I consider as some of Albin Julius’ most powerful work: especially track 5 (of ‘Der Gott der Eisen wachsen liess’) and track 9 (of ‘The moment of truth’ 10″) are convincing ‘hits’. The most rare track comes from the highly sougt after single ‘Thank you’, a strange moody experimental piece which uses the voice of Douglas P.

The bonus mcd is mostly funny: four tracks created by a cheap keyboard, making you think of prehistoric computergames. Three old Blutharsch songs and the evergreen ‘Lili Marleen’ received this treatment, and I must say, the end result is actually quite entertaining and ironic…

artist: Blutharsch, Der
label: WKN
details: 10 tracks + bonus 4-track mcd