Blutharsch, Der – Time is thee enemy!

For people not familiar with this band, their stage show and music will most likely call to mind (old) Laibach. Both the militant image and music of Der Blutharsch have some clear references to the music of the Slovenian band. The music on Time is thee enemy! is overall a more subtle character than that of Laibach. Der Blutharsch produces music with a less industrial (and electronic) feeling. Still there is quite some martial percussion going on.

The production could have been better, which would have benefited the impact of the music. Now it sounds a bit thin and in the background at times. This is a pity, because otherwise the diversity of bombastic industrial tracks and pseudo folkloristic pieces on Time is thee enemy! would have been very impressive. All elements are there, only the sound limitation spoils some of the listening experience.

Nonetheless this is an enjoyable record. Not as good as the more or less comparable (but more poppy) Dernière Volonté album, but still a good effort.

artist: Blutharsch, Der
label: WKN
details: [WKN20]