Bone Woman – Pagan songs from the circle

Eutopia from Norway has been active as a web publisher for quite some time, focusing on articles on diverse subjects as science, technology, ecology, selfsufficiency, SciFi and history. Now the branch ‘eutopiA music’ has been opened, a Scandinavian website for Pagan, Norse, and Celtic music. Their first release is this cd by Bone Woman, filled with ‘magical chants, old Celtic tunes and modern Pagan songs’. The songs have titles like ‘Tread gently on the earth’, ‘The pentagram’, ‘Fertility spell’ or ‘Hymn to Pan’. In other words, suited songs to sing around trhe Sabbath fires. The song material has been taken from a variety of sources, from Crowley to The Wickerman.

The initiative was taken by Norwegian singer and modern witch Lene Janzon, who gathered other musicians and vocalists. Of course the songs and subjects of this album suit a traditional musical approach. The songs mostly consist of ritual chanting, accompanied by subtle ritual/tribal percussion, and occasional flute and acoustic guitar. To describe it I would call it a more tranquil version of Hagalaz Runedance, with some songs making me think of Loreena McKennitt. I think in general ‘Pagan songs from the circle’ is surprisingly good. There are a few outstanding songs to be found on this album, like the powerful enchanting ‘The Burning Times’ and the lovely ‘Willows song’, which you may know in the version of Faith & the Muse. Or the trancelike invocation ‘Night Woman’. ‘Fertility spell’ and ‘Lord of the Dance’ (which sounds like an Irish drinking song) are rather cheerful and playful.
This album is a worthy tribute to an ancient spiritual tradition.

artist: Bone Woman
label: eutopiA music
details: 12 tracks