Boris D Hegenbart – smip

Smip stands for somethingmovinginsideplasticbox, as the full title of this release reads. It’s the second release by [#/TAU] aka Boris D Hegenbart, a Berlin based computer sound artist.

The title is quite an appropriate description of what this has to offer. 13 tracks of field recordings, processed sounds of all sorts and strange synthetic sounds. Everything blends together in these tracks that listen like a very strange dream, giving you points of recognition (the field recordings) but as soon as you think you grasp what this is about, the track gives you something else again. That is both positive as negative. It’s great if you’re just dreaming away, or half asleep, but you need a lot of concentration to really listen to this cd. To get back at the title of the cd, it is like you have millions of little boxes in front of you, and every now and then you open one of them to see what is inside. But the bad thing is that as soon as it gets interesting, someone else slams the lid back on, leaving you with nothing.

An interesting cd, to dream away on, but at times simply too fragmented to give you a sense of what the tracks are about.

artist: Boris D Hegenbart
label: Quecksilber
details: [quecksilber 3]