Boulder Dash – Alien folk trash

The title of this record says it all. Alien Folk Trash. That’s what this record is. It’s folk music, sure. The vocals seem to have folk influences. Alien? Yes, just listen to the detuned strange synth melodies. Trash? Absolutely, in every possible way this release is trash.
I know that these days trashy, punky etc is hot, so in that way this record comes as no surprise. But sadly, where other bands have succeeded in actually producing something decent and original, BOULDER dDASH delivers an unoriginal album, giving you synth folk melodies (which at times are actually not bad at all.. if it only wasn’t for those irritating synth noises), with distorted beats (at times even breakbeats) to go with it. The album cover is possibly just as bad as the music itself. To me the emphasis on this album is on trash. But as I said before, trash seems to be hot these days, so if you happen to like truly trashy records, make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

artist: Boulder Dash
label: Angelika K?hlermann