Boyd Rice and Friends – Forgotten father

This mcd, signed by Douglas P., was released around the ‘Wolfpact” album from Boyd Rice & Friends (Douglas P., Albin Julius). While I was in London a while ago I found a reasonably priced copy at the fine Rough Trade store.
This little cd contains three tracks. The first one is the excellent ‘The forgotten father’, which is also present at the “Wolfpact” album. A mysterious track with industrial soundscapes in the background and dominated by spoken vocals from Boyd Rice. Then follow two non-album tracks. ‘People change’ is a nice acoustic neo-folk song with a lot of atmosphere, in the classic Death in June style. The final track is ‘The registered three’, an experimental instrumental piece, with noises and strings and some distorted vocal samples.

artist: Boyd Rice
label: NER
details: 3 tracks, 8 minutes. released in 2001, limited to 1000 signed copies.