Boyd Rice and Friends – Wolf Pact

Three illustrious artists work together on this album: Boyd Rice (known for NON and his solo work), Douglas P. (Death in June) and Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch). I assume they don’t need no further introduction… So, what is the result when these three guys combine their forces? Well, a pretty good and varied album actually, ranging from acoustic neo-folk to more noisy, harsher tracks.

The album immediately starts with a highlight, the folky ‘Watery Leviathan’, in the best Death in June tradition… Then comes’ The Forgotten father’, with a Blutharsch type bombastic musical background and Boyd Rice telling a long story, which text is completely printed in the booklet. Two great, more folky tracks follow, including the magnificent title track. A powerful track is ‘Worlds Collide’ with heavy industrial rhytyhms accompanying the whispered vocals. Then things get rather solemn with ‘Their dark blood’, which contains some creepy organ music, while ‘Rex mundi’ brings us marching drums.

Then it is time for some weirdness in ‘Murder bag’, whereas ‘The reign song’ offers us a moment of reflection:
‘On a grey, rainy day when the small streams turn into engorged torrents, as you hear footsteps behind you do you ever wonder… is it your past catching up with you?’.
The harshest track on Wolf pact is ‘Fire shall come’, with a lot of shouting about, well, Fire. It is followed by ‘The orchid and the death’s head’, a long, almost ambient track with a sampled French female voice.

In the booklet the lyrics are printed as well as some very serious pictures of Boyd, Douglas and Albin playing in the garden with goblins… This album was also released as an LP, with one different track.

artist: Boyd Rice and Friends
label: NER
details: digipack, 13 tracks, 45 minutes