Brighter Death Now – Kamikaze Kabaret

Oh baby! Krazyman Kamikaze Karmanik strikes again! Kamikaze Kabaret is Brighter Death Now’s first album after 1890, and a much appreciated addition to the already impressive BDN discography.

Kamikaze Kabaret is as heavy and abusive as ever. ‘Death-industrial, ‘power-electronics, ‘rhythm-noise’, call it what you will, it is here to destroy you. Kamikaze Kabaret shares some similarities with the personal favorite Obsessis (2000), and also the renowned May all be Dead (1999), both recognized for their spiraling walls of sound and other insanities. Leave it to BDN to find the wackiest source samples too, as is the case with the introduction to this album.

The first track, “Oh Baby”, hits like a brick, so be careful, it will destroy (your speakers). “Big Happy Family” is another case where an excellent source sample is used symbolically to tell a dark, disturbed tale. “Destroy” is one of the most rhythmic of the songs from the album, and “Washing Day” features a simple, yet completely infectious looping bass noise; simple, real, and powerful. A lot of the rhythm noise upstarts could take a lesson from BDN in learning that more isn’t always better; less is more, if it’s done right.

BDN is the master of creating hypnotic atmospheres through intense and repetitive industrial sounds, in this regard Kamikaze Kabaret does not disappoint. So go tell your momma!

What is there to say about Brighter Death Now? Not much new anyway. Kamikaze Kabaret is mostly filled with the industrial noise and distorted rhythms the act is known for since its early beginnings.

This album is as loud and harsh as always. If you are in an angry mood this music can be suitable background muzak. Surprising is the humorous cover version of ‘They’re coming to take me away’, originally by Napoleon XIV from the 60’s. This tracks is almost a dancefloor piece and much better then the recent Neuroticfish version.
In short, this is not entertainment, but it is fun!

artist: Brighter Death Now
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 8 tracks, 56 minutes [cmi151]