Brighter Death Now – Obsessis

Brighter Death Now, or short BDN, is the project of Roger Karmanik, boss of the Cold Meat label. This project is active for many many years now and has released quite a large oeuvre so far. The music is so very violent and brutal that it makes you wonder who would listen to it voluntarily. Combined with the always shocking imagery and themes such as death, torture and pornography it becomes clear that we are not dealing with synthpop here. From a distance the cover of this new album looks angelic white. When you take a closer look though you’ll see we are not dealing with virgins here: the model depicted on the cover has a suspect liquid substance around her lips which I will not describe any further…

The music is of course harsh and extreme industrial, tight layers of noise, violent screams, one aural attack after the other. Toward the middle of the cd there are a few more midtempo tracks, that give you a little room to breathe. Some tracks are a little too monotonous though for my taste. The perverted humour of BDN once again becomes clear through the ‘sensitive’ adaptation ‘I can’t get no sadistfaction’…

If you are into walls of distortion and thick layers of noise and screaming vocals than you are served well here. The album was also released as a limited LP with a slightly different tracklisting.

artist: Brighter Death Now
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 8 tracks, 51 minutes