British Murder Boys – Fist/Splinter

After three amazing ep?s under the ?British Murder Boys? name, this is already the fourth instalment in this ever growing series by DJ Surgeon and Regis. Both artists are well known for their impressive catalog of ?dry? and technical techno music, as well as their live shows and dj-sets.

The BMB series is characterised by an uncompromised industrial approach to techno music. Like their previous BMB releases this one contains two long tracks of stomping techno that are noisy and very atmospheric at the same time. This release especially reminds me of the stomping track on the Analogue Bubblebath 4 release by Aphex Twin, with the slightly broken beat and the machinelike sounds.

This release can be easily compared to noisier versions of earlier releases of Surgeon and Regis, as well as the AFX series by Aphex Twin and the works of Huren and Kareem of the Zhark Berlin label.

artist: British Murder Boys
label: Downwards
details: 12". July 2004 [Lino32]