Broadcast – Pendulum

Broadcast is often compared to Stereolab, not something to be ashamed of. Some people even claimed they stole their sound from Stereolab.

Broadcast first releases where a couple of 7″ (some of them released on Stereolabs Duophonic label). Later when Warp picked the band up those 7″s where compiled on their first album “work and non work”. That was back in 1997, and it took them three years to produce their next album, “the nosie made by people”, an album accompanied by a few 7″s and 12″s. So now it’s 2003, and there it is, the announcement of the next 2nd real studio album by the band. But before the album will be released there is an EP out now, called Pendulum. Although “The nosie made by people” was a release many people where looking forward too, it was slightly disapointing compared to their excellent “Work and non work”.

This EP cover at least looks different from their previous covers. It´s more messy, and shows somekind of ET like eye. And what about the music? The first thing you will notice is that the music is very energetic and different from their previous releases. The sound seems to be a bit less polished, just like the cover. Is that a bad thing? I would say no. The sound is fresh again, the music is energetic. Broadcast took a bit different direction, though they are still instantly recognizable. For those people that heard their mixes of music that influenced them on their website will understand this different sound a bit better maybe, as their sound has moved closer to that sound.

The result is an amazing, obscure sounding EP, that is higly recommended to people who like bands like Stereolab, Tarwater, or maybe even Lush and My Bloody Valentine. One thing must be said, if once they where the pupils of Stereolab, with this EP they show they are nothing like Stereolab anymore. Where Stereolab left of and went to the more poppy side, Broadcast do their own thing, and deliver the most experimental relase they did up till now. This EP sets high standards for the upcoming record, lets hope it’s just as amazing.

artist: Broadcast
label: Warp Records
details: ep, 6 tracks. WAP162, 2003.