Brus – Rest of man

Last year there were quite some good synthpop releases from Scandinavia, with Marina Sirtis and Intricated as highlights. [brus] is the soloproject by Andreas Wallgren. This cd is his debut and released on the Shadowplay Electronica label (who also released Marina Sirtis and Scapesonik).

‘Rest of man’ is a cd with 8 tracks which are a collection of melancholy electronic pop songs. Musically this is not a really exciting release. Basically these tracks are just plain songs. The vocals are something you must like, as at times they are pretty high. This cd is not a spectacular record, nothing like the Marina Sirtis album. Let’s hope the next Shadowplay release will be one more into that direction.
cd, 8 tracks [shadowcd03a]

artist: Brus
label: Shadowplay Electronica