Build Buildings – There is a problem with my tape recorder

Ben Tweel is the man behind Build Buildings. ‘There is a problem with my tape recorder’ is his third release under this moniker. As far as I can see, this record is very professionally self-released.

Although not totally hearable, all electronic sounds are derived from computers, instruments and household noises. What’s presented is a very neutral and mellow cuts ‘n clicks /ambient-glitch release. Very delicate and uncommon beat patterns are scattered over the songs, accompanied by pleasant and glistering, sometimes watery, sometimes spacey melodic fragments. Present like shiny objects in clear blue water. In most cases, the melody is repetitive, looped and simple, but created out of such a strangely beautiful sound that it becomes highly effective.

Influences from the Raster Noton family are there, some passages also remind me of the Mexican Murcof and Aoki Takamasa. More melodic than Alva Noto for example, and just as melodic (although more abstract) than Murcof.
A very enjoyable, clean and bright release, with surprising variations and lots of tracks great enough to play over and over again. A gem.

artist: Build Buildings
label: self-released
details: 12 tracks, 44 min, 2004