Bunker Soldier – Triple Threat

Bunker Soldier is a project from Texas. The project is named after the OMD song ‘Bunker Soldiers’, which is a personal favoureite, so this act already has my sympathy in advance. Synthpop and 80’s synthwave seem to be an important influence. Band mastermind Timothy Tyran has been active in music for quite some years, but this EP is only his third cd release.

The first track ‘Warlocked’ is noteworthy because of its mixture between Middle Eastern styles and sounds (female voices), danceable poppy electro and heavier guitars. The second piece, ‘Flying’, contains the nice vocals of a Norwegian jazz singer called Hildegunn Surdal. A very poppy, somewhat romantic song, still uptempo but more restrained. The last track is more of a straightforward dance track, with synth lines reminding of Gary Numan. Bunker Soldier has created a decent EP. Suitable to dance to, nothing revolutionary, just pleasant poppy electronic music.

artist: Bunker Soldier
label: self-released