Burton L. – Spy life

Another new artist from the Omega Point stable, who has a double career as club DJ and rock musician. The album starts surprisingly with a nostalgic string sound, but it does not long before some gritty synths join the music in the second track, as well as grim half-spoken vocals over a triphoppy rhythm. Strangily enough this is alternated by a poppy piano passage and clear singing which could have been performed by a boyband (except for the poetic gangstarap lyrics: ‘they can all suck my dick…’, ). This varied menu sets the tone for the rest of the album. Burton L. puts rock, house, pop, electro and hip-hop in the blender, without caring much for genre conventions. Not so strange that artists like Beck and Moby are named in the bio, though I think that Burton L. has a much higher ‘kitsch’ factor (and more humour).

artist: Burton L.
label: Omega Point Records
details: 13 tracks