Butterfly Messiah – Eternal

Butterfly Messiah is a group from Florida, which sounds surprisingly danceable for an act on The Fossil Fungeon. Uptempo electronic dance beats are combined with female vocals and more ethereal/classical sounds.

The music on the first track ‘For today’ sounds like a mixture of future pop & trance, somewhere between VNV Nation and DJ TiĆ«sto. Though the music sounds cheerful on the surface, the lyrics are mostly quite sad. Other tracks are more synthpoppish or remind even of early house music. At times I’m reminded of L’Ame ImmorteIle, but not in their best shape.

I must admit that I don’t like the electronic music that much on this album, for me it sounds a bit too simple and straightforward. The vocals and atmosphere can only partly make up for that..

artist: Butterfly Messiah
label: Fossil Dungeon, The