Caesar Romero – Matamoros

Caesar Romero recently had a 3″ cd on Fin de Si├Ęcle Media, as well as a collaboration as Kosmophon with L.E.A.K. on the same label. This album, ‘Matamoros’, is released by Shadowfist Recordings, a new label dedicated to releasing ‘the finest beats and sounds for the 21st century’. Caesar Romero does not sound that contemporay though, being inspired by ‘questionable celluloid material’ of the last decades. ‘Matamoros’ is a ‘homage to those film directors brave enough to pursue their mad visions and a tribute to those composers who provided the music’.

As you probably expected, ‘Matamoros’ contains weird cult soundtrack music. Often Caeasar Romero sounds very exotic, as if he is situated in a shabby South-American bar, with already quite some empty cocktail glasses beside him. Caesar Romero, alias D.A. Jones, is supported by Terry Edwards, ‘horn supremo and gallon drunk saxophonist’. Excellent dirty and cacophonic music to work on your nerves. My favourite piece is the sleazy and irrestible ‘False marimba’. Try this if you have a fetish for obscure B-Movies or if you like acts like Novo Homo, Novy Svet, Circus Joy, Mushroom’s Patience or the Punch Productions label.

artist: Caesar Romero
label: Shadowfist Recordings
details: 10 tracks