Caprice – Sister Simplicity

Caprice is a Russian neo-classical /pop ensemble that makes music in the fairy tale style for which the French label Prikosnovénie is known for. In the past the band made music inspired by the stories of Tolkien. For this new cd the inspiration comes from somewhere else.

On Sister Simplicity the group has put music to various poems from British poets like Shelley, Byron, Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Wilde. This could thus have become a very pretentious piece of work, but Caprice has managed to keep it rather light and enjoyable.

Musically Caprice shows some similarities with the magical folkpop of Flëur. This is due to the use of some of the same kinds of instruments violin, cello and flute amongst others) and supposedly the Russian background the groups share.

The music on Sister Simplicity varies from lighthearted neo-romantic tunes (‘Green are the Rashes’ by Burns) to darker pieces (‘Winter’ by Shelley) and quite tranquil tracks (‘Juliet’s Beauty’ by Shakespeare).

Although this album is very beautiful to listen, to the highlight is the remix of ‘The Dole of the King’s Daughter’ (by Wilde). The hiphop beats make this song very addictive and danceable. So, next record a remix album of all these tracks?!

artist: Caprice
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 15 tracks [PRIK 081]