Caprice – The evening of Iluvater’s Children

More romantic ethereal music, the speciality of Prikosnovénie. This time from the Russian symphonic orchestra Caprice. They take their inspiration from the work of Tolkien. Of course it is very fashionable now to make an album about elves and hobbits. But Caprice have done it in a sincere manner, and not as a quick way to reach the ‘ring’ of succes. Apparently “The evening of Iluvater’s Children” is the second part in a trilogy dealing with the Elves, after “Elvenmusic”.

Music-wise Caprice offers tranquil acoustic music, ranging between classical (early music) and folky elements. Of course the work breathes a fantasy atmosphere. But only through the lyrics and acoustic music, and without using obvious samples and sounds. The clear female vocals are especially lovely and angelic (or elvish). The musicians are obviously skilled and play a variety of classical instruments.

Some songs are romantic ballads, others are more melancholic laments, depending on which tales from Tolkien are dealt with. Most compositions are tranquil acoustic pieces. A few are more uptempo or orchestral, like the cheerful ‘Bath Song’, with some bright flutes and wind instruments. Some compositions have a less straightforward structure, like ‘Shadow Bride’, a more experimental piece.

No less than 16 songs take you on a voyage through Middle-Earth. Well-done dreamy neo-classical music, for which you don’t have to be a Tolkien-adept to appreciate it.

artist: Caprice
label: Prikosnovénie
details: [PRIK068]