Carlo Spera & Stereonoise – Sto Correndo

Carlo Spera & Stereonoise is a project started by Carlos Porr? in 2003 aiming to create music that is not anchored in time, but can be listened to in the future as well. To reach this, the trio behind this project merges many different musical styles into a sound that is like a strange kind of electronic jazz.
The truly eclectic sound is on the sunny side of music most of the time, making this kind of a summer-cd for the electro-pop genre, where electro is completed by the strong trumpet-playing of Maurizio Marzo. While I usually like my music dark, this is not a disc that really does something for me.
The slick production of the disc stresses the craftmanship of the different musicians, but also removes the edges from the music. Too smooth to my liking, I really ask myself why I listen to this disc, why does it still spin in my cd-player.. well, as of now it won’t anymore, that much is sure. No future listening from me and I don’t think this cd lives up to it’s aim of making time-less music at all, not a disc that will be remembered, alas.

artist: Carlo Spera & Stereonoise
label: VideoRadio
details: 2005, 15 tracks