C/A/T – The Rogue Pair

Instead of abusing my fellow passengers when commuting home after an unsatisfying day at work, I was listening to this C/A/T release on my mobile music device. It’s just the suited type of music when you need to let off some steam, with its energetic adrenaline-filled EBM-industrial-techno mixture.

Compared to for instance the mcd “Worldwide Totalitarian Control”, “The Rogue Pair” has a much more straightforward sound. You’re treated to hammering technoid beats, crunchy distortorted rhythms, trancy synth melodies and occassional speech samples. Unlike previous work this release is not that politically engaged, though you might hear an occasional ‘Al Qaida’-remark. The subject matter is a bit wider know, and deals for instance with… breasts in ‘Enhancer (“you’re obsessed with tits!”).

It’s good stuff for listening on the road or to keep the dancefloors busy. When you play this cd on repeat in the living room, you might get easily bored, since most tracks follow more or less the same recipe, it’s just that one piece is louder and faster than the other, culminating in ‘The Rogue Pair [v.1]’, which has a thundering gabba terror sound. There are also various mixes by the likes of Terrorfakt and Manufactora, but they don’t add too much substantial in my opinion.
Coming soon from C/A/T is an EP called “ATF”, followed later this year by a full length album called “A Warning To All”.

artist: C/A/T
label: Crunch Pod
details: cd, 2005 [Crunch42]