Cawatana – promo cd

All the way from Hungary came this promo cd, which I received this weekend. That made me curious, because Hungary also brought us interesting acts like Scivias and Actus. I had not heard of Cawatana before, but on a flyer that came with the cd I saw that they have already played on a festival together with Scivias and In Gowan Ring.

This cd contains 4 songs, lasting 12 minutes in total. I must say, I really like the music of Cawatana! The music is rather tranquil, with a romantic atmosphere. It combines classical with folky elements, with some wave influences. Acoustic guitars, atmospheric synths and both male and female voices are on the tasteful menu. Especially the female vocals are outstanding, sounding lovely and heavenly (they remind me a little of All about Eve).

The first track ‘God gave it, you take it’ is a nice intro, with piano and spoken male vocals. Then follows ‘Irrahme’, a romantic song with some guitars and a nice duet of male and female vocals. The most outstanding piece is ‘White’, rather short but very nice. It contains more percussion than the other tracks and it is quite dynamic, with an alternation of soft parts and a more energetic refrain. The final song is called ‘Real, Open’, also quite good, especially the guitars and the female vocals.

The tracks on this cd were recorded in 2000. They can be freely downloaded:

Later this year, in the summer or autumn, Cawatana hopes to release its first album. I hope the quality of this promo cd is a good taster for that album…

artist: Cawatana
label: self-released
details: promo cd, 4 tracks