Cdatakill – Paradise / Brazilian Nightmares

It is easy to get impressed by the sheer numbers of this release. 2 cd’s, over 130 minutes, 30 tracks, of which 6 remixes, some by well-known names. All tracks were written, recorded and produced by Zak Roberts in 2002. Disc two consists of “Brazilian nightmare”, originally released on a limited cdr by the small Eupholus Records, and now made available again with a couple of bonustracks.

“Paradise” is an interesting listening experience, with a moody electronic background, over which breakbeats are painted, sometimes hectic, sometimes subtle. I’m not such a fan of drum & bass music, but I can appreciate it more in combination with atmospheric soundscapes, as is done by Cdatakill quite tastefully. I quite like the track ‘Powerlines song’, which has a rather warm feeling to it. Harsh and gritty is the Somatic Responses remix of ‘cabrini green’. The more complex compositions, are less to my liking. ‘Fucking murders’ really is an over-the-top beatfest. ‘Nina Milla meta’ really is too fast for me. Luckily there are also a few slightly more relaxed moments, like ‘Perpetual casualty’, ‘Driving down Havana’ or ‘Moment in the sun’. detritus add their typical cinematic atmospheres to ‘Nina Milla Meta’, with a nice effect. Personally I have difficulties listening to the complete cd, I get tired of all the beats, though I must say that Cdatakill has created a rather varied whole.

The second cd, ‘Brazilian Nightmares”, is completely beatless, and is more to my liking. An hour of fine melancholic atmospheres with a dark sound. Already the first track, ‘So Alien’, gets me in its spell. Rather mysterious and moody, well-suited for a soundtrack. ‘Formless, shapeless’ takes this even further, with a little spooky but also beautiful wide-spreaded layers. ‘A question of purpose’ is built upon lovely thin classical textures. Not all tracks are just tranquil soundscapes, there is indeed subtle use of harsh noises and deep drones. Certainly one of the best atmospheric ambient creations I have heard. Fine music for late at night, though it’s too dark and nightmarish for chill-out music.

artist: Cdatakill
label: Ad Noiseam
details: double cd, 132 minutes.