Cdatakill – The cursed species

Cdatakill hails from the breakcore scene and released some vinyls on various labels as well as a double CD on Ad Noiseam. Although one would be tempted to think of unsubtle and over-the-top headbanging breakbeat music when the term ?breakcore? is used, Cdatakill?s music is surprisingly subtle and controlled.

On this CD we find ten tracks of post-breakcore electronic dance tracks. These tracks are really solid, but also very experimental and even moody now and then. The breakcore elements are certainly used but an equal amount of attention has been paid to creating tracks that are interesting to listen to. Most of the tracks actually lean towards downtempo and melodic, which makes this album very digestible indeed. Recommended!

artist: Cdatakill
label: Ad Noiseam
details: 10 tracks, 52 minutes [adn43]