Celluloide – Bodypop E.P.

Celluloide has received loads of praise for their two albums “Naive Heart” and “Words Once Said”. The synthpop on these albums was performed very well and many of the tracks stayed in your head for days after listening to them. Now Celluloide is back with the “Bodypop E.P.”, an EP to introduce a new sound (Bodypop) to the listeners. It’s the same sound that will fill the full length album “Passion And Excitements”, planned later this year.

The six tracks on this EP still got a lot of what made Celluloide so well-received. The cold female vocals, the bleepy synths. New is the more pronounced EBM-influence. Not too big of an influence, but clearly there. An influence that gives an extra touch to the tracks. Makes them even more suitable for dance-floors, but on a downside also gives them a little less of that “stick-to-the-mind”- quality.

Where Celluloide themselves call the clear EBM influences a big new step, I believe that all old fans can still blindly buy this album. Where changes are audible, they are not that pronounced that the music needs a new word to define the genre. Bodypop is not that different, but it for sure is one very good release that one can keep on listening to. I for one am surely looking forward to the full-length album.

artist: Celluloide
label: BOREDOMproduct
details: mcd, 6 tracks, 2006