CFX & XNDL – Lofi Music For A Hifi Society

CFX and XNDL are working hard to become better known in the field of (dark) electronic music. Their previous record The Beginning was impressive due to its original sound and blending of styles.

Recently they released a limited vinyl album on the new Dutch Enfant Terrible label. Now there is also this new cd-r on their own label Subversiv*Rec. Lofi Music For A Hifi Society features more of their typical dark electronic music. XNDL makes dark soundtrack like music with new wave, industrial, elektro, ambient and even hip-hop influences. The music contains many samples from B-horror movies, which gives the tracks an even more gloomy feeling.

Outstanding are the tracks ‘What Happened To Your Neck? and ‘Save The World’. On a few tracks there are also hip-hop vocals added (a new project by XNDL called Gunporn is a fusion of his dark electronics with hip-hop).

CFX has a somewhat comparable style although his music is often more orchestral. This gives the music an even more soundtrack like feeling. Like the gloomy and haunting ‘Spannender Filmabend’ and ‘Unterbrochener Winterschlaf’ for example.

I think that we can expect a lot more from these talented musicians in the future. Keep an eye out for their releases.

artist: CFX & XNDL
label: Subversiv*rec
details: cd-r, 15 tracks, [SV/OB006]