CFX & XNDL – The Beginning

Besides a compilation album this is the first release on the German Subversiv*rec. Xndl is next to being a musician also co-founder of this label for progressive electronic music. For this record he has created seven tracks. Like-minded musician Cfx has crafted another fifteen pieces of music for this release.

What you can expect from The Beginning are unexpected beats and weird samples. The samples are often pieces of melodies and voices. Most of the songs get their dark feeling through these samples. ‘Bestial Warfare’ from Xndl makes use of a folky melody that sounds strange in combination with the unnatural evolving rhythm and sampled voices. The track ‘Glad To See’ by Cfx is building a haunting atmosphere through the scary pieces of melody and the hectic beats. ‘Esined’ is even better. This is almost dark ambient, but a piece of ambient music that doesn’t make you sleepy.

Both musicians show creativity when it comes to structuring sounds. The emphasis is not too much on samples, so there is also room for created sounds, which is good. Just see what the future brings for these musicians.

artist: CFX & XNDL
label: Subversiv*rec
details: [SV | OB / 002 / 2003]