Ch District vs. Duuster – Chemical Elements 1.0

M-tronic seems to be becoming one of the most interesting and qualitative French electronic dance labels nowadays, after excellent releases by Dither and Beefcake, there now is a release by newcomers Ch District and Duuster.

Ch District is from Poland and creates very clear ?idm? music somewhere along the lines of Beefcake, Gridlock or the more approachable and quiet moments of Venetian Snares. Crystal clear Stuttering Beats and clicks are combined with nice melody lines.

Duuster is from the Netherlands, and now lives in France. Duuster was formerly known as Element 11, which released a track on the Unit label-compilation and did a remix for Savak. Furthermore Element 11 released three excellent demo CDR?s, and did some beautiful live performances in the Netherlands. Duuster?s music is very subtle idm-electronica. Beautiful melodies and deep drones combined with complex beat patterns form an incredible total which reminds one of Autechre?s ?amber? period or releases by Gimmik, Funckarma, Polygon and other high-quality electronic releases.

The CD comes in a nice black digipack with silver printing and contains 5 tracks by each artist, a remix by each other and a collaboration track.

A nice release and a sure recommendation!

artist: Ch District vs. Duuster
label: M-Tronic
details: lim. to 500 copies (M-tronic 08)