Chants of Maldoror -­ Every Mask Tells The Truth

Some years ago Chants of Maldoror surprised listeners with their debut album full of old school batcave and deathrock songs. It took some time but now the band has returned with their second album entitled Every Mask Tells The Truth.

After hearing the new record a few times the conclusion can be made that the band has produced a very cohesive record. The band sounds more mature as on the debut and the songs are better worked out.

As a whole the album is thus more consistent but also a little more polished. Very nice are the three interludes on the record, which enriches the listening experience. In short, Every Mask Tells The Truth is a huge step forward for Chants of Maldoror.

artist: Chants of Maldoror
label: Strobelight Records
details: cd, 21 tracks [STROB018]