Chaos as Shelter – Dead Air Broadcasts

Whilst his previous release on Immanence (then called Fleshmadeword) consisted of one long track, the new offering by the Israelian sound sculptor Vadim Gusis contains 10 tracks. The release is a joint venture of Immanence and DTA Records. The album title “Dead Air Broadcasts” already suggests what the most important element on this album is. All source sounds were recorded using a Siemens shortwave radio receiver. The result is rather industrial, the manipulated radio sounds have a quite noisy effect, in combination with deep drones, mechanical sounds and distorted layers. This is quite different from the droney dark ambient I knew from Chaos as Shelter.

‘Dead air’ is an appropriate title, the album sounds quite sinister and otherwordly. A few songs are less aggressive, soundscapes consisting mostly of radio static. Most ‘Broadcasts’ though are rather brutal and uneasy to digest. But every track seems to have a different atmosphere, and most of them have a strange attraction. All in all over an hour of quite interesting sounds, which are skillfully assembled and manipulated.. It makes me want to play with my radio too…

artist: Chaos as Shelter
label: Fleshmadeword Records
details: 10 tracks, 68 min.