Charlie Beresford – The room is empty

‘The room is empty’ by Charlie Beresford is an unique album. Beresford blends elements of folk and haunting, contemplating pop into a brooding sonic mixture. His vocals are very present and remind me of some tracks by Jeff Buckley, although Beresford’s voice is not so angelic. It’s drenched in emotion however, and has a pleasantly bleak timbre.

Traditional pop-structures are not respected on this album. They make way for a more atmospherical way of playing with room for acoustic guitars, accordion and violin. Drumming is totally absent on this record, so the rhythmic structure depends solely on the usage of mentioned instruments.

The album is quite pure in the sense that it’s not riddled with electronic effects. Instruments are used acoustically and are handled very well. It’s unplugged beauty at it’s best. Beresford must be acquainted with a diversity of styles, since the way he plays can as easily be described as pop/ rock, as classical and folkish. Sometimes even experimental. This counts for the violin parts as well.

Although the album is overall calm, there is a kind of tension or even threat, which sometimes surfaces. I must admit that it took me a couple of spins before I could really enjoy the album, so I guess it’s not totally accessible. The great quality of the album is that it’s dynamic and powerful while being emotional and atmospheric at the same time. Not only Beresford voice, but also the way he sings is truly fascinating and compelling. A great effort.

artist: Beresford, Charlie
label: Brightfield productions
details: 14 tracks, 47 mins., 2005