Charlottefield – How long are you staying

Underground label Fat Cat from the UK covers a widely varied musical spectrum. This time they came up with British indie rock/punk band Charlottefield. In 2002 they already released a 7″ on Fat Cat, now they have created an album which lasts almost half an hour. Their line-up is pretty basic: a foursome playing drums (two drummers!), guitar and bass.
Don’t expect straightforward punkrock though, there are also influences from more experimental postpunk. Though songs are energetic and melodic, they also stutter back and forth dynamically, with some sharp edges and unexpected turns. The vocals are not really refined, often close to frustrated shouting.
I’m reminded of Fugazi, Jesus Lizard and The Ex, but also early Wire, Television or The Fall. My favourite track is ‘Again’, which is filled with tension and which has some powerful eruptions. Though not all songs are equally convincing, in general this is a decent noisy guitar rock album.

artist: Charlottefield
label: FatCat Records
details: 8 tracks, 28 min, 2005 [FATCD39]