Charly Kent – Mein Zeichen

When you are familiar with the dark and mostly distorted electro sounds from the Kommando 6 label, you will need some time to get accustomed to this record. The sound of Mein Zeichen by Charly Kent is in comparison with the other Kommando 6 releases quite light. Besides that the recognizable minimal electro sound is also not very present.

Charly Kent produces electro-tech with at times jungle-like influences. These influences are most evident in the tracks ‘Dunkle Nacht’ and ‘Wertlos’. The synth lines and the use of the voice make the music somewhat dark, but not like the other K6 releases. ‘Spiel mit mir das Lied vom natürlichen Tod’ and ‘443’ are the closest Charly Kent gets to the typical K6 sound.

His music is still minimal. The beats go on in the same rhythms during the greatest parts of the tracks and the melodies and sound are kept subtle and simple, like in ‘Tod der Fliege’. But don’t expect the dark and distorted, almost industrial sounding electro like Manasyt and RA-X produce it.

Anyway, this record deserves to be heard. This album just needs some time to grow on you. Devotees of the dark and harsh K6 sounds will most likely not appreciate this release. But this record is recommended to people who are open to explore some new sounds within the dark electro spectrum.

artist: Charly Kent
label: Kommando 6
details: 7 tracks [K6-XI]