Chib – Moco

Sometimes an artist is able to create a sound world that is totally unique, that brings images to your mind, and will take you on a trip through a place where you haven’t been before.

Chib is able to do so with this release. After contributing a track to the FatCat compilation of unreleased artists (“No watches no maps”) this is the first solo release by Chib, aka Yukiko Chiba from Tokyo. And what a release it is. While listening to this cd all the time I got images in my head of broken down music boxes, still trying to play their, by now twisted and distorted, melodies.
Maybe the mood is best compared to the film ‘La cite des enfants perdu’ by Caro & Jeunet. A magical surrounding with amazing dark and twisted details.
In the promotional letter it states Yukiko often gets visions of music before she falls asleep. Her way of ‘painting’ those musical visions for the listening audience is very convincing.

A perfect soundtrack to an odd dream on a cold winter night. If only this release was a little bit longer. With close to 30 minutes of music it leaves you wanting for more.

artist: Chib
label: FatCat Records
details: 8 tracks [FATCD30]