Child Patrol – Come now little ones

This noisy cd is the first release of Mal’occhio, a small mailorder based in Amsterdam. It comes in an original looking cd-tray of a kind I haven’t seen before. The outside does not give away much background information, except that the music was recorded in ‘the Boyroom’ back in 1999. I have been told that it is Per Ã…hlund aka Diskrepant who is hiding behind Child Patrol.

Judging from the bandname, the album title and the songtitles, “Come now little ones” is devoted to children. If I was them, I would stay away from mr. Child Patrol, because titles like ‘Ode to the aborted’, ‘Punishment required’ and ‘There must not be tolerance’ does not sound very friendly.

The music is a rather dense and harsh affair, with walls of distortion and feedback and monotonous machikelike rhythms. The highly manipulated voices and samples barely penetrate the layers of noise. As the album progresses, the music seems to become louder and more violent. A track like ‘We save our children’ is a relentless powernoise attack with a cold mechanic feel. “Come now little ones” is a solid piece of work with the right amount of aggression. Don’t expect much variation or innovation, just a consistent harsh noise album.

artist: Child Patrol
label: Mal`occhio
details: 10 tracks, 2005 [mal-cd-001]