Chirleison – ­A Whisper

A Whisper is the debut album by the Italian trio Chirleison. Their music sounds like something in between ethereal wave and heavenly voices. The nine tracks on this cd are built around soft and melodic keyboard sounds, melancholic guitar pieces and a beautiful female voice. With these ingredients Chirleison creates nice, mostly tranquil songs and perfect music for a daydream.

The only thing in the music I don’t really like is the electronic percussion and rhythmic sounds. They sound too mechanical in contrast with the rest of the music. Next time the band should better use acoustic percussion. That would benefit the songs a lot.

Besides this critical remark, A Whisper is a beautiful album that creates a nice dreamy mood around you while listening to it.

artist: Chirleison
label: The Fossil Dungeon
details: 9 tracks [FD022]