Christian Renou / Anemone Tube – Transference

Anemone Tube is a relatively new ambient-concrete project from Germany. Christian Renou is the man behind the legendary project Brume, and released tons of excellent works on almost every important label in the field of drone music and music concrete.

Now that the Brume project is no more, Christian Renou works under his own name. On this CD Renou reworks some of the recordings made by Anemone Tube.

The result is an intense dark-ambient drone work that ranges from soft drones to loud noise-bursts. The CD is quite different from the average Brume material, since it lacks the immensely layered fluttering sounds that are so common in electro-acoustic compositions. It is really atmospheric and most of the time very calm. Also the CD is very melancholic and emotional.

This release comes in a nice oversized package and is limited to 500 copies. It is highly recommended.

artist: Christian Renou / Anemone Tube
label: Auf Abwegen
details: [aatp12]