Citadel – Granite Sky

This release was announced as Triumvirate?s last release. Triumvirate, the label of Mitchell Altum (better known as LAW), existed only for a few years and released twelve albums by artists who dwell in between dark ambient and power electronics.

Citadel is a project by Mitchell Altum himself, and is musically not very distinct from his LAW material. The tracks are a bit less oriented towards power electronics, they are more like some sort of freestyle in between rhythmic industrial and dark ambient.

I must say that I find this release a bit of a disappointment, the rhythms are way too simplistic, and the drones do not seem to add anything to it. The sound seems to lack a certain depth.
Granite Sky simply does not live up to Triumvirate?s previous releases.

artist: Citadel
label: Triumvirate