Clan of Xymox – Breaking Point

Clan of Xymox exists for over twenty years now and has never delivered a really bad album. “Breaking Point” unmistakenly carries the Xymox-signature, without sounding overly dated. On the contrary, the new album is a perfect fusion of all their different elements: the nostalgic wave atmospheres, danceable synthpop, contemporary electro, dark gothic rock and of course the typical voice of Ronny Moorings.

The tone is directly set with the powerful and energetic opening track ‘Weak in my knees’, after which The Clan manoeuvres between fine uptempo tracks (‘She is dangerous’, ‘What is going on’, ‘Under the wire’) and haunting electronic goth ballads (‘Cynara’, ‘Pandora’s box’).

“Breaking point” has a tight and clear production and sounds solid as a rock. I have given up hopes that the band will ever experience a large-scale breakthrough in the Netherlands, but if there is one album that has that ability, then it’s this one.

artist: Clan of Xymox
label: Pandaimonium
details: cd, 10 tracks, 2006

Watch the videoclip of 'Weak in my knees' at YouTube.