Click Click – Relax

Click Click was once a very special EBM/wave group. Together with Skinny Puppy they were one of the few acts to truly develop a sounds of their own. At the moment the group makes some sort of dark drum ‘n bass music.

Their music is slow and not really suitable for the dancefloor. On the other hand, as a record to listen to, this 12” is actually not bad at all. ‘Relax’ is solid track with a nice moody atmosphere. But it gets even better when Click Click goes back to the past of electronic music by sampling The White Noise (the track ‘Love Without Sounds’) on ‘Without Sound’. Maybe this is intellectual posing but the samples with the modern beats really work well.

The old music of Click Click was better and more original, but not taking that in account this 12” is really quite enjoyable.

artist: Click Click
label: Sonic Groove Experiments
details: 12”, 3 tracks [SGX01]