Closedunruh -­ Treffer

Hertz is the 90’s and now side of the Kernkrach label. Closedunruh has a history that goes back into the 1980’s. The material on this record is all from the 1990’s, except for one track from 2005.

This most recent piece ’20 Städte’ is a very minimal pulsating track with a Kraftwerk like melody (very much like the Metropolis’ main theme). At the end the track evolves into a modern beat (sort of break beat) orientated piece. People who like the traditional minimal style will most likely not enjoy this.

Luckily for them the rest of the record is more traditional in that sense. There are three rather experimental and short pieces and two more real tracks. Both of these tracks make Treffer a worthwhile record. Tödliche Strahlen’ is a very good song with a dark and melancholy mood. ‘Kriminelle Energie’ is somewhat louder but with a likewise mood.

Maybe Treffer is not the best release from the house of Kernkrach/Hertz, it is still a nice record to have in your collection.

artist: Closedunruh
label: Hertz
details: vinyl 10”, 6 tracks [Hertz009]